EU to include reporting of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as it closes in on including ship emissions within its ETS framework

3rd December 2022 | Regulations

The framework is based on a phased-in approach, over three years starting in 2024. Shipping would be accessed 40 percent of the costs in 2024, 70 percent in 2025, and 100 percent starting in 2026.

The scheme has included reporting of CH4 and N2O (in addition to CO2) within the guidelines due to the increasing prevalence of ‘alternative’ fuels such as LNG, methanol and ammonia, which may create unintended consequences for the environment.

The regulations would be applied to 100 percent of the emissions while on voyages within the EU and 50 percent of the emissions on voyages between EU ports and the rest of the world.

Although not finalised, the EU is confident that outstanding issues such as allowances, and how the funds raised should be used can be resolved in a timely manner due to the ‘generally’ positive reception received from the major shipping associations.

The EU is to reconvene on 16/17th December 2022 with a view to finalising and adopting the regulations.

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