Emsys-PM: Visible Smoke and Particulate Matter Sensor


Our Emsys-PM platform is our combined Opacity (smoke density) and Particulate Matter (PM) sensor system.

The Emsys-PM can be calibrated to monitor smoke density in line with growing class society environmental notations, to monitor and identify maintenance issues in diesel engines, to monitor in line with localised EPA visible smoke regulations, to monitor Particulate Matter for environmentally sensitive regions such as Alaska, OCIMF accreditation, and more.

The Emsys-PM platform can be configured as a stand-alone device which directly interfaces to the vessels automation system using MODBUS, or alternately as a discrete monitoring system with recording and reporting capability. Either configuration is capable of interfacing with our Emsys-iS [Emsys iS page] emissions monitoring technology, allowing a greater array of reporting formats.

Emsys-PM can be used to monitor smoke density or PM in all types of marine diesel engines (2-stroke & 4-stroke), marine boilers (main and auxiliary), incinerators, and inert gas generators (IGG).


Download Emsys-PM Datasheet   


The Emsys-PM is compact, accurate, and low maintenance.


The Emsys-PM’s robust construction and reliable operation have resulted in a reference list of over a thousand installations in the maritime sector. Talk to our team today to see how our Emsys-PM platform can work for you.