Emsys-iS Marine Emissions Monitor


The Emsys-iS, is our 2nd generation continuous marine emissions monitoring platform and was developed after a shipowner request for a smaller, more flexible analyser which could provide reliable and accurate monitoring of scrubbers. Extensive feedback from in-service operation and specific requirements from the shipowner ensured the evolution of our EMS technology into the Emsys-iS.

The iS platform is lightweight, flexible, and accurate, able to support a scrubber variant, an SCR variant, and a CEMS variant (with a Mass Emissions Reporting function as an additional option). Explore all our applications here.

The iS platform is designed to be a modular concept that can be expanded to accommodate further applications as required. In its most basic form, the system is supplied with a single laser to measure once gas across multiple exhaust stacks. This is ideal for monitoring multiple SCR’s for Ammonia (NH3) slip or methane (CH4) slip where LNG is used as a fuel.

The next version is designed to be scrubber (EGCS) specific and is particularly suitable for retrofit applications where space is short, measurement needs to be fast, and multiple stacks monitor from a single instrument. With only one power supply needed for a 4-point system, installation is simplified and can be done rapidly during dry-docking for scrubber installation. The scrubber variant has many other significant benefits over its competitors including return to process exhaust, no gas conditioning systems to eliminate toxic liquid waste, and a fast response time of less than 10 seconds for SO2 !

The basic MARPOL variant comes next, featuring full NOx Technical Code compliance capability. The QCL laser measures both NO and NO2 eliminating the need for NOx Catalysts typically used in traditional CEMs type systems. Additionally, the system can be configured for scrubber and SCR applications.

The enhanced variant has the capability for Mass Emissions inventory, Methane slip measurement and Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring for engine efficiency/turbocharger fouling applications. Additionally, this enhanced version can measure up to 8 points which covers most applications such as LNGC installations with engines, boilers, and GCU’s all measured.

The comprehensive data package supplied allows for bi-directional communications via MODBUS with the vessels automations system, SCR/scrubber control panels. The software can generate PDF reports and trending graphs to retain emissions data onboard or transmit to shipowner/charterer/regulator.

Emsys is designed specifically for maritime applications. It is not a hybrid version of a land-based CEMs but was specifically created around the concept of being maintained by ship’s crew and needing to be highly reliable. Emsys does not need instrument air, air conditioning units or large amounts of space which make it ideal for retrofit projects or complex new-build applications where space is at a premium.

Emsys can also be applied to ‘offshore’ and regulatory applications where land-based requirements are imposed upon a static vessel such as an FPSO, FSO, FLNG, Drillship or special purpose vessel. In these cases, the vessel is usually required to obtain and air permit which may be either ‘not to exceed’ or ‘total inventory’ based. Emsys has consultants who can provide owner/charterer support for these permit submissions.

Emsys Maritime has a comprehensive track record in maritime emissions monitoring applications and our teams’ extensive experience can help you navigate these unique challenges and deliver a high reliability monitoring solution.


Download Emsys-iS Datasheet   


Emsys iS with an IP56 weatherdeck option


Emsys-iS installed on the weather deck of a cruise ship measuring the output of a scrubber


EmChart comprehensive software reporting suite


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