Emsys Maritime sets quarterley record for order intake

21st December 2021 | Company News

Emsys Maritime has booked its largest order intake over the past 3 months. The orders are a mix of new-construction and retrofit and cover a wide range of vessels from drillships to PCTC’s.

The orders coincide with a return to pre-pandemic new vessel ordering at the worlds largest shipyards. Clarkson Research, a British shipbuilding and shipping market analysis company, announced that China ranked first with 21,918,790 CGT (48.7 percent), followed by South Korea with 16,957,415 CGT (37.7 percent). Korean shipbuilders focused on high value-added ships such as LNG carriers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers rather than container ships. During the period, Korea took up 91.0 percent of global LNG carrier orders, which totaled 5,923,793 CGT. China had the remaining 9.0 percent.

Emsys Maritime’s Managing Director, Simon Brown commented ‘Its fantastic to see the shipbuilding community flourishing again after many tough years. We have developed our emissions measurement and reporting technology to meet the needs of the newbuild yards, namely highly specified and accredited products, easy to install technology, supplied at competitive prices. Given the rise in ships powered by LNG, our unique Methane Slip measurement technology, combined with our GHG mass emissions measurement packages provide the most comprehensive and accurate emissions inventory reporting available in the market’

Continuing, Mr Brown further explains Emsys’s unique market position ‘We have never seen ourselves as a CEM’s company or an equipment supplier, the hardware is just the vehicle used to capture the required data enabling our reporting technology to provide users with valuable, accurate and transparent emissions data to support their ESG goals. COP26 has really shaken up the shipping industry, the pro-active owners realise that the world is changing from the traditional ship-owning model. Gone are the days of ‘grandfathering ships at date of keel laying’, moreover a mentality of change management is becoming the norm. Remaining competetive in a fast-changing industry that is firmly under the spotlight is essential, and using digitalisation is an essential tool, especially when it comes to reporting their environmental impact. We are working hard internally and with partners to develop the easiest and most accurate emissions reporting tools to help owners stay ahead of the oncoming tightening of regulations and reporting’