Emsys Maritime adds emissions monitoring data to StratumFive’s Podium

3rd December 2021 | Uncategorized

Data from Emsys Maritime’s emissions monitoring and reporting tools has been made available in StratumFive’s Podium Connected platform.

Emsys Maritime supplies patented technology to monitor all types of marine engines, marine boilers, waste incinerators, and gas combustion units (GCUs).

“Each addition to the Podium Connected Community delivers more data combinations to apply to operational efficiency and compliance. This benefits all Connected companies whether subscriber or solution provider,” said Ross Martin, StratumFive CEO.

“With the current focus on emissions, it is not difficult to see where Emsys Maritime fits in. The contribution the data they provide can make to the monitoring, reporting and analysing the efficiency of the fuel cycle is increasingly important,” he added.

“We see the collaboration with StratumFive a further enhancement of our market leading emissions reporting tools. With many chartering companies requiring ESG reporting of GHG’s such as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and CH4 (Methane), Emsys combined with the Podium platform can easily provide real-time off vessel emission inventory reporting,” said Simon Brown, Emsys managing director.

“Measuring the unburned hydrocarbons in an engine exhaust may alert operators to resolve any technical issues when engine performance limits are exceeded. Rapid resolution of faults help prevent significant increased costs in fuel consumption.  With further developments planned for 2022, this integration will allow Emsys users to operate efficiently and stay ahead of the market and regulatory reporting requirements,” he added