Emsys-iS awarded Korean Register Type Approval

23rd August 2019 | Uncategorized

Emsys Maritime Ltd is proud to announce they have received formal Type Approval accreditation from Korean Register (KR)
The Emsys-iS has been hugely successful for both newbuild and retrofit applications, this further award reinforces our market position as the leading technology for both traditional MARPOL Annex VI applications and EGCS (Scrubber) installations
Project Engineer Matthew Jones managed the Type Approval application and comments ‘It was a pleasure to work with the team at Korean Register to furthermore advance the scope of our technology. The Emsys-iS system has proved popular with both shipyards and shipowners alike due to its comprehensive accreditations that meet all current maritime air pollution regulations. Our sales are increasing rapidly in key maritime markets and our continued investment in the Emsys-iS program really helps to support continued growth’