BLEATING NEWS: Emsys finds G.O.A.T. Waste Disposal Method

21st August 2020 | Company News

Having generated a large amount of plyboard waste over the past couple months, an unusual sustainable solution came to us in the form of a local goat farm!

Having spent months trying to get rid of a pile of marine grade plyboard in a sustainable way the solution found us! The Blend Youth Project provides alternative education opportunities for young people who have been, or are at risk of, permanent exclusion from school or have learning needs which are better met outside the mainstream school environment. Not only have the Blend Youth Project taken most of it for their farm but will be back for more when it builds up again! The plyboard will be used by young people to build an agility frame for the herd of 10 goats who love to climb! (Yes, we included a picture.)

In building the agility frame and engaging in other work around Turner Farm the Blend Youth Project hopes to teach animal care, horticulture, and enterprise skills. Not only an excellent cause but a reminder that creativity is so important when it come to balancing the business needs with the environment. We look forward to getting updates from Vicky and the Blend Youth Project team!

(Your best goat puns welcome in the comments)

If you would like to find out more about the Blend Youth project you can visit or join us in donating to them by clicking this link.