Big ships, big challenges, bigger benefits to the environment

2nd April 2021 | Company News, Regulations, Technology

The world has been focussed on recent events in the Suez Canal and many people were surprised at the enormous size of some of the latest cargo ships which transport over 90% of global trade. The Ever Given has the capacity to transport 20,000 containers and is 400m long. It’s true, these large ships are significant polluters, however when you account for the huge amount of cargo carried, it’s the most environmentally efficient method of transporting global trade.

Emsys Maritime’s smart emissions measurement technology is widely adopted across the maritime industry and is a key tool in helping shipping remain the ‘greenest’ mode of transport. In addition, the sector has plans to reduce CO2 produced from ships by 50% by 2050 which will certainly maintain its environmental advantage over air and road freight options.

Our Principal Technician Danny visited one of these huge ships yesterday which can transport 6,741 cars, if placed end to end, the cars would stretch over 33km! This ship is fitted with emissions reduction technology which cleans up the engine exhausts to meet strict new pollution regulations that were introduced in 2020. Our Emsys technology proves these abatement systems are working correctly.

Even in these challenging times for travel, the team at Emsys Maritime have worked tirelessly to keep global shipping moving safely and environmentaly efficiently.

We can’t thank our amazing team enough for their efforts during this crisis, they are Rock Stars!