January 2021

27th January 2021 | Uncategorized

Even a pandemic can’t stop our technicians! Our technician team are still managing to attend installations, commissioning events, and service visits even with the major disruption caused by COVID-19. Although our UK office staff are mostly working from home due to local lockdown rules, our overseas based technicians have been (safely) supporting our shipyard customers, keeping important projects on-schedule, and helping ensure newbuild vessels are delivered on time. We are still servicing some ships whilst also providing Distance Support and ‘swap-out’ services for those we can’t physically reach at present. Our technical support team continues to deliver spare parts and calibration gas ensuring our customers vessels remain in compliance, and our manufacturing team are still operating as normal with on-time deliveries.

Although things are extremely difficult during this challenging winter, we look forward to the day (hopefully soon) where we can have a drink after work with our colleagues and friends whilst appreciating some of the simple things in life we took for granted before to this crisis.