Good News!

8th January 2021 | Company News, General News

One week into the New Year and we’ve already got our first major order of 2021!! A significant new construction order from one of the world’s premier shipyards has landed with us and we take it as positive indicator of what is to come for the maritime industry!

2021 has not been a sudden improvement on 2020, but there are some stirrings of the maritime industry getting back to normal. Newbuild orders are picking up, the LNG market is recovering, and a vaccine is allowing cruise ship owners to start planning for the future. We take this week’s order not as proof that the maritime industry is back on its feet, but rather, that it will get back on it’s feet.

A massive thank you to the shipyard and shipowner for placing the order, but also thank you to the Emsys team (office and technical) who have persevered through a tough year and continued to work hard in the face of everything 2020 has thrown at us.

Here’s to what next week will bring!